Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke ~ Comparison with Exclusive Discounts


Grammarly is one of the most used grammar correction and proofreading software in the world.

It has almost every feature you could imagine in ideal writing enhancement software.

Below are some of them.

Features and Benefits of Grammarly:

1. Checking the Writing Styles:

Grammarly doesn’t just settle for applying the same writing rules for everyone.

You can change the checking profile to match your writing style like marketing, scriptwriting, creative writing, technical, student, academic, medical or even web copy and blog post format.

Grammarly review

This is one of the key elements I guess that should be in writing correction software.

2. Plagiarism Checker:

Grammarly has an advanced plagiarism checker that checks any traces of your copy being present elsewhere on the web; an extremely SEO friendly feature.

I have found out that even original content has some traces of plagiarized content in it due to similar writing styles.

I uploaded a raw copy of an article published at another blog and Grammarly was quick to realize and said my upload has nearly 94% copied content; not bad!

3. Vocabulary Enhancement:

This feature is used to suggest alternative writing style and word usage to improve and make your content unique.

4. Grammar Checker:

Grammarly is based on a high performance grammar checking notion.

It highlights your passive voice and tell you to correct the form of writing, for example the difference between Twitter and twitter, sentence structure and errors in the common usage of commas and apostrophe.

5. Proofreading Services:

Proofreading services by Grammarly is a paid service, this is charged per word or an hourly basis.

6. Browser Extension:

Grammarly has its official extension for chrome and it works as fluidly as you want it to be.

It can find out errors and give advice on correction for grammar on any text box you write, may it be a Facebook status or any web based comment box.

Grammarly Spelling Checker

This ensures correct and representable English standards for your communication online. Grammarly checks your email writings and tweets for grammatical errors also.

7. MS Word Integration:

If you are thinking of a client or add in that checks for grammar while you are still typing with MS word then Grammarly has a solution.

Grammarly’s windows extension for MS word is probably one of the highest selling points.

Instead of online grammar check, it checks for errors while you are writing it and the best part is you don’t need to open your browser every time to use it.

If you are connected with the internet, you can use Grammarly very easily in MS-Word as well.

Hence, this can be called as the best grammar checker tool for bloggers and writers.

The below screenshot shows the numbers of errors found in the uploaded document and the scores you have acquired too.

The right side of the screenshot shows the area reserved for indicating language errors with the drop down arrow to show how to correct it.

This auto-explain feature is a must for any online/offline spell checking software and is ideally the best for writers of any field.

grammarly proofreader

You can click on scores in the bottom to find out how a report that can be downloaded right away to be kept or send to the colleague or client.

This is very handy for freelance writers as well as those hiring freelance writers.

Updated: January 12, 2018 — 5:29 pm
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